Swatches/Sale: Wintry Weather

Good morning!

I’ve been getting questions about when the new trio will be available, and since the answer (“soon but no official launch date yet”) did not seem to satisfy everyone who asked 😉 I decided to have an informal launch today via the blog.

These polishes will be made available to the webstores that stock Contrary, and there will be proper swatches done by bloggers, so if you’d like to wait for that, there is no rush. This soft launch is just for those who want them and want them now! 😀

The details:

  • Please email with orders.
  • Full-size bottles are $10 and mini bottles are $5 (plus shipping).
  • Invoices will be sent through Paypal.
  • Orders received today will ship by this Friday.


Now onto the Wintry Weather trio!

Wintry Weather Trio


First up is Snowy Night, a dark navy blue with white shimmer/flakes. Only white micas and flakes went into this one, but due to the contrast with the navy background, you get a bit of an aqua sparkle as well. I apologize, but I don’t have swatches of this one just yet.

Snowy Night



Next is Winter Sun, an ivory with gold shimmer/flakes. I do have swatches of this one, but keep in mind these pictures were taken in artificial light, so they lean a bit yellow; the base is whiter than it looks in the swatch pictures.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun



And finally, we have Frozen Sky, a blue-leaning grey with silver shimmer/flakes. Specifically, in addition to the metallic silver shimmer, the base is loaded with actual sterling silver flakes and microflakes. I’ve been loving wearing all three of these polishes, but this one might be my favorite. Protip: it looks amazing matte too. 😉

Frozen Sky

Frozen Sky



Please email with any questions, and thanks so much for visiting the blog!


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